03 August 2017

3D Reality Scanners on Trial: GRAHAM puts them to the test

GRAHAM is the first contractor in the UK to test the world’s smallest 3D laser scanner as part of a pioneering trial to find new innovative technology to support the delivery of BIM on construction sites.

Industry magazine BIM+ contacted the GRAHAM BIM team to get our honest expert opinion of a variety of laser scanning tools.

Working smarter

Using their considerable digital construction expertise, our dedicated BIM support team reviewed three leading scanners that are currently revolutionising the world of measurement to discover which is best suited for different construction tasks.

The BIM team tested the three Leica-manufactured innovative products on the GRAHAM refurbishment project at Coupland Building at the University of Manchester.

The three products tested were:

  • Leica BLK360 - described as the world’s smallest 3D laser scanner
  • ScanStation P40 - used more commonly on construction sites
  • Leica Pegasus - designed to scan as a user walks around a project

Read the full interview where GRAHAM Head of BIM Melanie Dawson Melanie takes us through the testing process and key findings: http://www.bimplus.co.uk/people/putting-3d-reality-scanners-trial/