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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensuring Safety and Health

We are committed to planning and executing all operations in a manner that safeguards the health, welfare and safety of our employees, supply chain partners, clients, those who use our completed facilities and the general public.

At all levels in the business we treat safety with the highest priority, constantly striving to eliminate the causes of incidents in our quest for an injury free workplace.

We expect our employees to take individual responsibility and encourage safe work behaviours.

It is our objective to promote a positive safety culture amongst employees, and to ensure that all of our activities are undertaken safely.

Safety Training and Competence 

Central to a safe workplace is safety training and competence. We work hard to ensure a comprehensive safety training programme is in place, so that all employees are appropriately trained and competent for the role in which they are employed.

We insist that employees and sub-contractors can demonstrate general construction health and safety awareness, through attendance on formal training courses and possession of the relevant cards including CSR, CSCS and SafePass.

Regular refresher training is organised against our approved matrix to maintain safety competence in all roles throughout the Group.

Safe Work Behaviours

Well-developed safety systems only go part way to eliminating unsafe acts in the workplace. The real driver is to build a positive safety awareness culture throughout all areas of operation, with positive leadership and effective employee engagement to change fundamental attitudes and behaviours.

In 2008 we commenced down a route to improving our safety culture through a programme of Behavioural Based Safety (BBS), which is a proactive psychological approach to safety; a way of gaining improvements in safety performance through promoting safe behaviour at all levels. It is not a substitute for the traditional approach, but rather adds a further dimension to emphasise employee involvement and personal responsibility.

Our BBS programme is now a fundament element in our safety management system; all persons on our sites are “coached” in the promotion of safe working principles and the understanding of personal and society consequences of protecting a person’s wellbeing. This, coupled with our existing systems, has resulted in a 70% increase in our safety performance.

Occupational Health

Occupational health issues are not always immediately visible but can have the same devastating impact as accidents and injuries, sometimes causing prolonged and long term health problems. At GRAHAM we work hard to ensure no harm to our employees’ health occurs as a result of our operations, striving to do everything possible to improve the monitoring and control of any activities that could impact on health.

The GRAHAM ethos is based on a combination of risk assessment and control, and education and management. We utilise the health matrix from ‘Constructing Better Health’ and partner with leading occupational health providers in all regions to ensure those in both safety critical and general construction roles are fit to carry out their duties.

GRAHAM has achieved Investors in People Health and Wellbeing accreditation and has made significant progress on its Wellbeing journey over the last five years.

Solid foundations have been established to ensure the implementation of vibrant and measurable ‘Health and Wellbeing’ outcomes.

Key to the future success of Wellbeing at GRAHAM is the ‘personalisation’ of support for each individual through its ‘innovative whole person wellbeing programme’ CONNECT.

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

The health and safety of our employees is a fundamental priority at GRAHAM. To do this we must ensure that we maintain an effective group-wide framework for managing, tracking and auditing safety performance.