Digital People

We grow our digital expertise by recruiting and developing the best people in the industry


Project Overview

Connected to Industry

In recent years, the construction industry has started its own digital revolution, and GRAHAM is proudly at the forefront of this digital transformation. Within every Division, and across each sector, we have implemented digital tools and software to capture and view information digitally.

Connecting the industry throughout complex and challenging projects, our digital tools help streamline information from our head office to site, allowing for collaboration with an increase in client satisfaction and a decrease in human error.


Dedicated to the integration and understanding of digital tools, the Digital team conducts training courses to demonstrate the functionality of BIM and its software.

Strengthening our offering, we have recently introduced a brand new internal training tool, GRAHAM E-Learning, which allows staff to learn online anywhere, anytime.

Loaded with training material, specific courses can be completed to help GRAHAM colleagues with their understanding. Courses range from various software platforms to BIM process training.

And, with plans to roll this training out to project stakeholders, GRAHAM E-Learning will soon be available to wider project teams.

These training courses play an integral role in realising GRAHAM’s ‘Digital by Default’ ethos, with all stakeholders upskilling and incorporating digital tools into their daily work lives.