25 April 2017

Start-up Meeting Held for Blyth Site Preparation Works

North Sea Link Interconnector and GRAHAM Construction meet to discuss start of works.

North Sea Link Interconnector and GRAHAM Construction recently met to discuss the start of the Blyth Site Preparation Works.

This is the first stage of the UK works for the North Sea Link Interconnector, which will prepare the site for the Blyth convertor station.

GRAHAM Construction has been selected to carry out earthworks at the main converter site and develop the detailed design, where applicable. The process of “cut and fill” will be employed during earthworks, whereby the amount of material from cuts roughly matches the amount of fill needed therefore minimsing the amount of surplus material arising.

Slotted land drainage, storm outfall and inspection chambers will be constructed with pipework being installed by means of a pipe jack from the southern area of the main site, under Brock Lane, through the agricultural field and discharging into the Sleekburn via a reinforced concrete headwall.

Also included in the scope of works are the provision, installation and removal upon completion, of site set up including offices, welfare facilities and secure containers.

The removal of trees and vegetation will take place prior to the bird-nesting season and wheel wash facilities will be installed and maintained.

The North Sea Link Interconnector is a 1400 MW HVDC electricity transmission interconnector connecting Kvilldal in Norway and Blyth in England.

The HVDC System consists of:

-   6 km HVDC tunnel/lake/underground cables from Kvilldal to Hylsfjorden
-   Converter station at Kvilldal, Norway, connecting to 420 kV AC system
-   714 km HVDC submarine cables from Hylsfjorden to Blyth in England
-   2.5 km underground cables to the UK converter station
-   Converter station in Blyth UK, connecting to 400kV AC system

The main elements of the interconnector are the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cables and the two converter stations, one at each end of the cable system, connecting the National Grids in UK and Norway. The cables are of Mass Impregnated (MI) type. The converter stations will utilise the latest Voltage Source Converter (VSC) technology.