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British Standards Institute (BSI) Kitemark™ certification

GRAHAM is the first contractor in the UK to achieve BIM certification


Project Overview

GRAHAM first contractor in the UK and Ireland to achieve BIM certification

GRAHAM has become the first contractor in the UK and Ireland to achieve BSI's Kitemark™ Certification for BIM Design and Construction and Asset Management.

GRAHAM’s pioneering approach to Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been given the ultimate seal of approval, becoming the first contractor in the UK and Ireland to achieve the highly recognised BSI (British Standards Institution) Kitemark™ certification for both BIM Design and Construction (PAS 1192-2) and BIM Asset Management (PAS 1192-3).

The significance of BIM in construction

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is transforming the global construction industry. Building Information Modelling is an increasingly important part of the global construction marketplace, with governments around the world starting to make it a condition of contract.

Seen as a game-changer for the construction and asset management industries, BIM is a collaborative way of working that uses digital technologies to enable more efficient methods of design, construction and operation, ultimately driving out inefficiencies and reducing costs and environmental impact.

Embedding BIM into GRAHAM’s business practices

GRAHAM now incorporates this approach across its entire £565M business, including the new waterfront residential development in Liverpool and Baird & Anchor Hospitals for NHS Grampian.

Melanie Dawson, Head of BIM at GRAHAM, discusses: “This prestigious dual UK and Ireland certification for BIM is a fantastic achievement and is testament to the GRAHAM commitment to investing in, and utilising, BIM and digital technology.

“The independent third party certification is a formal recognition that GRAHAM adheres to world leading standards. It gives our clients and stakeholders the confidence and assurance that we will deliver consistent excellence from project inception through to the asset management and beyond.”

Melanie continues:

“Our certified Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems and processes are the foundations and framework for our bigger vision for digital construction. Embedding BIM into our everyday business practices is a priority at GRAHAM. We are using the growing volume of information on construction projects to make smarter decisions, control costs and deliver consistently excellent projects. BIM is helping us improve efficiency in the supply chain which in turn significantly benefits our clients.”

BSI Kitemark™: A symbol of excellence

The BSI Kitemark is one of the most recognisable trust marks in existence today and demonstrates that each Kitemark approved product or service has gone above and beyond the normal requirements to achieve the highest standards.

Congratulating GRAHAM on the dual certification, Gavin Summerson, Senior Certification Manager at BSI (British Standards Institution) says:

“The BSI BIM Kitemark is the most rigorous test of an organisation’s implementation of BIM and GRAHAM should be very proud of this achievement. Not only have they demonstrated the delivery of BIM projects during the design and construction phase in accordance with PAS 1192-2, they have also demonstrated that they are continuing to work to BIM level 2 at the asset management phase, in accordance with PAS 1192-3.

“This helps both GRAHAM and their clients to realise the full benefits of BIM, to enable the effective management of information throughout the asset lifecycle, providing assurance and trust to asset owners.”

Continuing the pursuit of excellence

As GRAHAM achieves ground-breaking success with the BSI Kitemark™ Certification for BIM, we remain unwavering in our commitment to the highest standards of excellence. This milestone reflects not only our past achievements but also sets the foundation for our future endeavours.

Moving forward, GRAHAM will persistently strive to enhance our digital construction practices, making informed decisions, controlling costs, and consistently delivering exceptional projects. Kitemark Certification is not just a recognition; it is a testament to our ongoing dedication to excellence, and we are resolute in our pursuit of even greater achievements in the realm of construction and asset management.

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