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Aligning with Highways England on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Aligning with Highways England on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion image

We are celebrating a significant success as results are published of Highways England 'Strategic Alignment Review Tool’ (StART) for Equality Diversity & Inclusion (EDI).

Highways England's StART, tests the alignment of key suppliers, to their strategic agenda as part of the supplier selection and development process. It evaluates not only how our objectives support theirs, but also how we align priorities across our business and through our wider supply chain. A key Highways England strategic objective is to embed the principle of equality, diversity and inclusion into all areas of their business, driving real change in how they work with their customers and communities, their supply chain and their employees.

Following the assessment, the team recorded a new high score of 21, taking us into the upper quartile of scoring, and almost a 50% increase from the previous score.

The strengths highlighted by the Auditing Team included:

  • A coherent strategic approach, showing tangible results
  • A tactical focus on inclusion & wellbeing as robust and holistic
  • A mature approach to building relationships with Highways England, enabling GRAHAM to align, learn and keep in tune with HE EDI's Best Practice Agenda

The business results directly related to an inclusive culture were also noted in the feedback, namely:

  • Reduced staff turnover rate
  • The unique person centred Connect Plus development programme
  • The remarkably high disclosure rates around protected characteristics
  • The significant IIP Platinum accreditation in the sector

This resounding endorsement is a boost for us when implementing the next steps of the EDI journey, building a mature, resilient and sustainable business.