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Beaulieu Parkway Bridge opens this week!

Beaulieu Parkway Bridge opens this week! image
Beaulieu Parkway Bridge, Chelmsford

Beaulieu Parkway Bridge opened this week.

The impressive installation methodology developed and executed at Beaulieu Parkway Bridge demonstrates the innovative approaches to bridge installations GRAHAM is able to offer clients. This particular installation is the longest bridge installed using SPMT’s in UK.

The opening means that people travelling from the Beaulieu and Channels estates as well as further into Springfield have easy access to the A12 running from Chelmsford north to Ipswich and south to London. The curved bridge has been funded through developers L&Q and Countryside.

Key Stats:

Bridge Weight during Installation – 2400 Tonnes

42m long cantilever during Installation

161m overall bridge length

248no. SPMT Axle Lines used

12no. SPMT PPU’s (Power Pack Units)

16no. MJS300 Jacking Towers

1000 Tonnes of Temporary Support steelwork