Cancer care clinicians treated to VR ‘walk around’

Cancer care clinicians treated to VR ‘walk around’ image

GRAHAM continues to make its mark in the healthcare sector, having been appointed to design and construct the highly-anticipated cancer care centre at Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.

Procured as part of the Construction Procurement Framework, ProCure 22 (P22), administered by the Department of Health & Social Care, the cancer centre promises to bring ground-breaking expertise and care to patients in West, North and East Cumbria.

Engaged from the tender stage, GRAHAM has advised on processes that have helped the project to meet BIM Level 2 standards.

The national contractor also hosted a clinician engagement day.

Presenting Virtual Reality (VR) models at Hexham General Hospital, attendees were encouraged to walk around the model in VR in order to enhance their understanding of the project and to get a better grasp of spatial awareness within the 3D model.

Viewing the build in VR also informed the end user with visualisations, helping them to select finishes from the wide range of visual boards and sample materials that were also present on the day.

Subsequently, key aspects of the model were explored, for instance, the importance of storage rooms, including their location and size.

Importantly, the review session helped to simplify and optimise the design process.

Proving an invaluable experience, VR has made an important contribution to the end product, ensuring that it meets the end users’ exact requirements.

The day proved to be a success, with clinicians eager to pass on the exciting visualisations.

GRAHAM has created a VR walkthrough video allowing NHS staff to view their future workplace and affording them with a much broader understanding of the healthcare project.

VR is just the beginning of the digital journey for this cancer care project, and BIM Level 2 will play an integral part in all future phases of the scheme.