CCS Leading Lights Triple Award Win

CCS Leading Lights Triple Award Win image
Pictured L-R: Caroline Coburn, Suzanne Stevenson, Michael Bowley and Claire Carson

We are thrilled to have won awards spanning organisational and site-based wellbeing initiatives at the annual CCS Leading Lights ceremony.

Our teams have excelled at providing innovative and collaborative solutions to support our colleagues and supply chain partners with health and wellbeing concerns.

Winning the Workforce Overall Organisation Award for “delivering an outstanding programme of support” through the “Supporting Women at GRAHAM” programme,

Hollie Cregan, GRAHAM Head of Equality, Diversity & FIR said:

“GRAHAM is committed to supporting its female colleagues by investing in practical solutions, policies and resources. We recognise the challenges women face working in the construction industry and, in doing so, create an inclusive workplace where women feel respected and empowered to thrive throughout all stages of life.”

Researching and benchmarking best practice, a number of employee-focused initiatives were launched including: enhanced maternity leave pay; paid leave for staff undergoing fertility treatment; trial of flexible working policies; and the provision of free sustainable period care products in all bathroom facilities across sites and offices. Tackling the lack of menopause awareness and support was high on the list of priorities, so a specific plan was designed to ensure women don’t have to suffer in silence.

Committing to the nationally recognised ‘Menopause Workplace Pledge’, GRAHAM’s menopause support programme includes:

  • Creating a new menopause policy including manager support guides.
  • Appointing and training menopause advocates across the business.
  • Launching menopause workshops, external webinars and a ‘Menopause and Me’ podcast
  • Creating new resources accessed and promoted on the company’s intranet page and external WellHub.
  • Providing access to the award winning Balance+ app, with personalised support and symptoms tracker.