Celebrating multi-million hours Reportable Incident free

Celebrating multi-million hours Reportable Incident free image

GRAHAM is celebrating a major safety milestone after all of its operational divisions recorded multi-million hours worked without a Reportable Incident.

At the end of September this year GRAHAM, which has over 2,200 employees working on over 100 live projects across the UK, had reached:

  • two and a half million hours Reportable free in its building division
  • three million hours Reportable free in its civil engineering division, and
  • three and a half million hours Reportable free in its interior fit-out division

In addition to the hours worked, the civil engineering division has now passed 12 calendar months Reportable free, with the interior fit-out division over 36 months Reportable free

[NOTE: Specific legislation in both the UK and ROI requires employers to formally report to the relevant authority any work-related accidents and incidents of a certain nature.]

GRAHAM’s achievement is all the more notable given the industry in which it operates and the complexity of the schemes it successfully delivers.

Andrew Cooke, SHE Director for GRAHAM, said:

“This achievement demonstrates our commitment to planning, managing and delivering all of our operations in a manner which safeguards the health, safety and welfare of our employees, supply chain partners, clients, and members of the public who interact with our projects.

“At all levels in the business, we treat safety with the highest priority, constantly striving to identify and eliminate the root causes of incidents in our quest for an injury-free workplace.

“We believe that good safety statistics are as a result of diligent planning, effective supervision and management, trusted supply chain partners, and a trained and competent workforce.

“We’d like to thank all those in GRAHAM and our supply chain for their hard work in not just completing projects to a high standard but, doing so in a safe manner.

“We will continue to build on these achievements and promote a positive and proactive safety awareness culture through all areas of operation, to ultimately eliminate any risks to either safety or health.”