Celebrating World Quality Week

Celebrating World Quality Week image

World Quality Week (WQW) is taking place from 8th-12th November 2021.

Previously, the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) devoted one day in November for its world quality celebration. However this year, there has been a shift to a week-long campaign to raise worldwide awareness of the “essential contribution that quality makes”.

The theme for 2021 centres on sustainability: improving our products, people and planet.

Although WQW is week-long initiative, quality should be at the forefront of our working practices all year round. Improving quality and eliminating major defects are business critical for GRAHAM.


The two most important reasons centre on reputational damage and the significant costs associated with correcting issues.

Following the correct processes is fundamental to quality, and our Code of Conduct “The GRAHAM Way” explains how we should go about our business.

  • We expect everyone to adhere to the Group’s core values, by fully contributing to and participating in the work of each internal division
  • We must always:
    • Follow the approved processes set out in the GRAHAM Integrated Management System (IMS)
    • Share information with colleagues to maximise business efficiencies and ensure continuous improvement
    • Accurately and fairly report all business transactions and performance metrics
    • Maintain effective and accurate records to support our reporting requirements.

Put simply, we must always follow departmental/divisional processes on the IMS, and comply with all IMS Internal Audits and requests for information, records and metrics.

It also highlights the critical importance of process. Significantly, 70% of organisational opportunities revolve around processes.

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