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Congleton Link Road making ‘great progress’

Congleton Link Road making ‘great progress’ image
Aerial photo - July 2020

Described as a “crucial piece of infrastructure”, the 5.7km bypass will join the A534 Sandbach Road (to the west of Congleton) with the A536 Macclesfield Road (to the north of the town).

In the opening year, during rush hour, traffic journeys across Congleton are expected to take circa six minutes less than the current rate. Air quality assessments also indicate that there will be substantial improvements throughout the town centre.

GRAHAM has implemented a five-phase, sequenced programme of works, split into five mainline zones in order to meet the agreed sectional completion dates.

Despite recent challenges associated with COVID-19, and inclement weather conditions, “great progress” has been made in recent months as GRAHAM Contracts Manager, Alastair Lewis, explains.

“We are delighted with the great progress of the Congleton Link Road A536 project so far despite a number of challenges, in particular those presented by COVID-19,”
“I hope the aerial photographs give the local community a real sense of the scale and complexity of the project. Once complete, it will help deliver economic and social regeneration to the town. At this stage, I would like to thank the people of Congleton for their time and patience throughout the scheme.”

Key milestones

Among the recent milestones is the completion of the waterproofing works to the river Dane structure, which is the final phase of works before surfacing the bridge deck. When the surfacing has been completed, material earmarked for other areas of the scheme will be transported over the bridge, rather than vehicles travelling through the town. The riverbank erosion protection works are now complete

Significantly, the Giantswood Lane Bridge is complete following the completion in August of the bridge joints, final surfacing and white lining of the realigned carriageway. The Giantswood Lane structure offers a great viewing point of the new mainline currently under construction.

The Chelford road overbridge has been opened to traffic and the realignment of the Chelford Road carriageway will be undertaken before the final surfacing works are carried out. Permanent sheet piles are currently being installed as part of the works to construct the underground attenuation tank, which will collect excess surface water before been pumped away.

Progress continues on the Loach Brook Bridge with the bridge deck recently been finished. The final concrete pours to the south side of the structure will be carried out during September.

Further key achievements and updates include:

  • The final surfacing and white lining to the new roundabout junction on Sandbach Road have been completed and the temporary traffic lights have been removed.
  • The largest section of mainline has had subbase laid with further road foundation works to be undertaken ahead of the surfacing works in October.
  • Road foundation and kerb installation works continue across the entire scheme.
  • The planting of vegetation including trees, shrubs and seeding of grass has commenced across the scheme.
  • Two new underpasses have successfully been installed on Manchester Road and works to back fill material over the structures are to take place during September.

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