Continuing collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University

Continuing collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University image

Continuing collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University

GRAHAM were delighted to host 24 students from Glasgow Caledonian University at the Buchanan Wharf Glasgow Campus for guided tours of the facility and energy centre as well as offering advice on future career prospects in the construction industry. It was a great benefit to the students to understand the scale and reality of plans and drawings in a real-life setting. The tour also provided an insight on how various renewable technologies can be integrated into the Design of Building Services. Once operational, these systems can be remotely monitored, allowing changes to be implemented to maximise energy efficiency.

Tours were conducted by our team at GRAHAM and ISS Facility Services UK to small groups of students who were extremely engaged and thoroughly tested everyone with plenty of questions!

GCU Students at Barclays

Collaboration with universities is crucial, not only to help students understand their options after graduation, but to kick-start our relationship with the next generation of our workforce.

GCU student tour

We are looking forward to further collaborations to provide real term insights with the technology and operation of a site visit to demonstrate a live Building Services environment. The Glasgow Campus offers this in abundance, and we look forward to our continuing relationship with GCU Building Services Department and ISS.