Delivering lasting impact through Immersive Pods

Delivering lasting impact through Immersive Pods image
Launch of Immersive Pod at Mossley Hill Mental Health Facility's construction site

GRAHAM has launched its first Immersive Pod experience on the grounds of the construction site at the new Mossley Hill Mental Health Facility to help improve the wellbeing of people working on site.

The purpose of the Immersive Pod is to provide a captivating environment for people to sit back, relax and enjoy the virtual reality experience.

The Immersive Pod, which will be on site for four weeks, allows people to take a break from their working day and escape to the beach for 20 minutes. Each individual can create their own personal experience by choosing their preferred background noise and lighting, while having access to a range of health and wellbeing services available through inbuilt technology.

Through visualisation and immersion, the Pod can help strengthen and improve people’s body and mind connection, allowing them to reap the awards of greater wellbeing and mindfulness. The soothing sounds, soft lighting and relaxing environment helps alleviate sensory overload.

David David Daly, GRAHAM's Wellbeing Manager, inside the Immersive Pod
David Daly, GRAHAM's Wellbeing Manager, inside the Immersive Pod

David Daly, Wellbeing Manager at GRAHAM, said:

“GRAHAM is committed to promoting good mental health and wellbeing by providing innovative initiatives that will develop and nurture our staff. We are always looking at ways to do things differently – the Immersive Pod being our latest concept. Who wouldn’t want to be transported from the construction site to the beach?!”

Peter Reavey, Regional Director at GRAHAM, commented:

“We are delighted to be piloting the Immersive Pod on our Mossley Hill Mental Health Facility project. We hope the site team finds this experience not only enjoyable, but beneficial for their mental health and wellbeing. GRAHAM’s aim is to be able to roll out this initiative across other project sites soon.”

Mersey Care’s Estates Lead, Elaine Darbyshire, said:

“We’re delighted to see this site coming together and ending dormitory wards in Liverpool. This is Mersey Care’s fifth hospital build since 2016 and we understand the impact that positive care environments can have on recovery. As a trust with a strong history of mental health care, initiatives like the Immersive Pod are welcome and demonstrate that wellbeing is rightly in the mainstream of construction projects.”

GRAHAM is building a new state-of-the-art mental health facility via a building contract with developer, Liverpool and Sefton Health Partnership Ltd (LSHP), on land owned by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust in Mossley Hill, Liverpool. The new inpatient facility will phase out traditional shared dormitory mental health wards to provide 80 single bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Throughout the hospital, there will be an emphasis on providing therapeutic spaces with light and airy environments as well as facilities for family visitation and multi-faith worship.