Gold awards success | Healthy Workplace Employer

Gold awards success | Healthy Workplace Employer image
GRAHAM colleagues Suzanne Stevenson, Social Impact Advisor, and John Ritchie, Senior Project Manager, were handed the certificate at the Fife Elective Orthopaedic Centre site

There was success for GRAHAM’s Building North region at the Fife Business Diversity Awards 2022. These Awards ‘celebrate equality and respect diversity’, so we were delighted to win GOLD for the Healthy Workplace Employer award!

Our achievement was based on an extensive range of activities. Our team have been working with the Fife Workplace Team to assess worker health, safety and wellbeing needs which enabled a tailored programme of health improvement initiatives to be implemented. Worker wellbeing surveys were rolled out – to sub-contractors as well as employees - to benchmark, action, plan and evaluate. We now provide face-to-face and virtual training attendance for colleagues.

We also supported an ‘Impact of Good Work’ partnership case study which demonstrated a lived experience perspective of how GRAHAM approaches have supported a worker through his health challenges – enabling him to re-engage fully with work whilst continuing to recover. The tailored approach within this case study shows how the workplace can successfully provide rehabilitation and health improvement opportunities.

GRAHAM was also recognised for being an Investor in People, Silver Healthy Working Lives holder, and appointing a Wellbeing Manager and Head of FIR (Fairness, Inclusion and Respect). We achieved the 41st position at the FREDIE Awards - celebrating the very best champions of Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement - and have 20 trained FIR ambassadors throughout the region. There are many other initiatives and commitments in place, including the provision of Mental Health First Aid training (with over 40 MHFAs in the region already) and providing opportunities for disadvantaged groups facing barriers into employment.

The award also acknowledged our provision of 2 paid volunteering days per year for every employee, with the Fife Elective Orthopaedic Centre project team being very proactive in supporting the local community, through offering time, expertise and donations to various groups and initiatives, as well as working on the wellbeing garden at Victoria Hospital for visitors and patients to use.

Congratulations to everyone involved in securing this award!

The award was given in recognition of GRAHAM's activities and achievements in the region