GRAHAM commits to external recognition of FIR/EDI practices

GRAHAM commits to external recognition of FIR/EDI practices image

GRAHAM is working in partnership with the National Centre for Diversity towards the achievement of the Investors in Diversity (IiD) Award.

The independent accreditation is the next stage in driving forward our Fairness, Inclusion & Respect (FIR) agenda. FIR is also often referred to as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI).

The National Centre for Diversity is the leading organisation in the UK that promotes FIR.

The IiD Award, a “nationally recognised equality standard” based around the acronym FREDIE (Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement), will provide external verification of our commitment to “Equality and Diversity in the workplace”.

As well as being a prestigious quality mark, it is an all-encompassing approach to the effective management of FIR.

Importantly, it will allow us to test ourselves against national standards, showcase our best practice, and identify areas for improvement.

The holistic benefits of exemplar FIR practices are:

  • A more innovative workplace because greater diversity fuels new ideas
  • A more productive workplace because we are more likely to thrive when we feel valued
  • Increased staff development
  • Improved links between employee activities and strategic objectives
  • Improved culture, attitudes, behaviours and conduct.

Our FIR journey so far

Positive change takes time and we are consistently striving to do better. Our ambition is to continue to be recognised as a leader in FIR, and we remain committed to cultivating a diverse workforce and a positive team culture.

Some of our key achievements to date include:

  • The development of policies and processes that drive a consistent and fair approach
  • The implementation of fair recruitment practices where the right person always gets the job through the creation of an equal playing field for all types of applicant
  • A focus on treating each other in the right way – The GRAHAM Way
  • Training managers and employees on aspects of FIR such as language, unconscious bias and celebrating difference
  • Adopting a zero-tolerance approach to disrespect, bullying and harassment
  • Investment in CONNECT to create equality of opportunity
  • Measuring success and championing diversity of people and thought
  • Creating a dedicated team focused on making FIR work.


Following a consultation and engagement exercise with staff, a bespoke action plan towards “measurable improvement” will be developed collaboratively with the National Centre for Diversity.

A 12-month audit process will then follow, acting as proof of our ongoing commitment.

Hollie Cregan, our new Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), is leading the IiD accreditation process. She said:

“At GRAHAM, we want to strengthen our maturity levels when it comes to FIR, and working with the National Centre for Diversity will give us the expertise to improve and enhance our practices.”

FIR is a central component of The GRAHAM Way – our Code of Conduct. It is also a key focus area of the People Theme within our CSR Strategy.

For more information on IiD and the National Centre for Diversity, please visit: