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GRAHAM partners with &SISTERS to bring free sanitary products to employees

GRAHAM partners with &SISTERS to bring free sanitary products to employees image

GRAHAM has partnered with menstrual care brand &SISTERS to deliver free period care to employees.

The partnership is a landmark milestone in an industry where female workers are currently the minority, making up just 16.5% of all engineers in the UK, which is the lowest proportion in Europe.

The company’s staff will have organic pads and tampons available for their use at no cost in all bathroom facilities to alleviate the stress of not having period care available when they are menstruating.

Speaking on the partnership, Hollie Cregan, Head of Diversity, Equality and FIR commented: “We are delighted to partner with &SISTERS to empower women in construction with free conscious period care. We want to ensure our employees have access to period care and are committed to improving conversations around menstrual health in the workplace.

“This is a critical step, alongside our Menopause Workplace pledge to support women going through menopause, to ensure a supportive workplace for women through every stage of life."

GRAHAM’s commitments to supporting its employees recently saw the firm named 41st in the Top 100 Most Inclusive Workplaces Index 2022 by the National Centre For Diversity (NCFD).

&SISTERS, the UK’s biggest plastic-free period care brand, specialises in sustainable period care including menstrual cups, tampons and sanitary towels to provide women with a choice on how to take care of their period in a way that’s best for them.

“Toilet roll and basic first aid products such as bandages and plasters are considered necessary items to have in the workplace and yet period care products are often neglected by employers”, said Lucy Lettice, Co-Founder of &SISTERS, “The current CDM regulations do not specifically include sanitary waste disposal facilities, only suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences, which is often used as a loophole by many workplaces to not take period care seriously.

“We are thrilled that GRAHAM has partnered with us and are encouraging other construction companies to follow suit in supporting female employees as allies.”