Injecting added value into our Baird & ANCHOR project

Injecting added value into our Baird & ANCHOR project image
Baird Family Hospital link bridge lift

At GRAHAM, delivering lasting impact is our guiding principle. As part of our £167.3m project to build the new Baird Family Hospital and new ANCHOR Centre in Aberdeen, we have undertaken significant community engagement.

As of February 2022, we had already exceeded 5/6 of our social value targets. We have delivered social impact activities across several areas, including training, employment, wellbeing, FIR (Fairness, Inclusion and Respect), school engagement and supply chain engagement.

Feedback from NHS Grampian confirms that they are delighted with the outcomes we have delivered so far.

Suzanne Stevenson, Social Impact Advisor, GRAHAM commented:

“Given the significance of our Baird and ANCHOR project, delivering lasting impact has been a key focus. We have invested in an impactful and measurable programme of activities which has - and will continue to - make a difference to the community.
Team GRAHAM are always keen to add value to projects, and the social impact outcomes for this site will certainly leave a lasting legacy.”

The fantastic brochure below from our Building North Social Impact Team outlines the excellent community benefit achievements made to date.

Baird & ANCHOR Community Benefits Booklet