Leading talent – Victoria Cheevers

Leading talent – Victoria Cheevers image

Victoria Cheevers is an integral part of our Digital Team. As a BIM Technician, the 29-year-old supports the England North region through the introduction of digital tools and the dissemination of expert advice.

Here Victoria answers 20 quick-fire questions on her career at GRAHAM:

  • How old are you? 29 years’ old
  • How long have you worked in construction? 1 year 9 months
  • How long have you worked for GRAHAM? 1 year 9 month
  • What is your role in GRAHAM?
    1. I am based in the Head Office in Hillsborough
    2. I work as a BIM Technician within the BIM support team for GRAHAM
    3. I support the England North region in introducing digital tools to site on a project basis, as well as upskilling office based staff in new software and technology
    4. My responsibilities range from writing bid responses, supporting new technologies in the business, training and upskilling existing and new members of staff, applying BIM to projects and gaining accreditation for our standards.
  • What is your school / college / education background?
    1. BMC (Belfast Metropolitan College) studied Foundation degree in Architectural technology (2 years)
    2. Ulster University – carried on to complete full degree in Architectural Technology with Construction Management (2 years)
  • Are you studying at the moment? Find out about the programme.
    1. Not studying now but I am part of the Graduate Development programme at GRAHAM
    2. This is a 2-year course with various modules to improve your skills in the workplace and your personal development
  • What did you think you wanted to do for a career at 15?
    1. I wanted to be a fashion buyer (no construction relation whatsoever!)
  • Who / what influenced your initial and current career decisions?
    1. My mum influenced my initial career thoughts due to her interest in high fashion
    2. My current career decision was driven by myself, after searching through courses to see what interested me most. I liked the idea of the technical side of Architectural Technology as well as working with various disciplines to help solve problems.
  • What has been your career route to where you are now?
    1. At 18 I studied Languages and Business, and it wasn’t for me
    2. I dropped out of university to go into retail (part-time and full time for 8 years)
    3. A foundation degree and a full degree at university enabled me to apply for the job role I am in now
  • What setbacks have you had in your career?
    1. Trying to find a passion and something I was good at in one career
    2. I started studying for this career path at 24 therefore a mature student – difficult but worth doing
  • Who / what has been your biggest help in your career?
    1. My grandfather for pushing me and keeping me driven and determined
    2. My mum and sister for listening to me when it got difficult
    3. My manager for providing me with the knowledge and confidence to fulfil my role
  • Have you ever experienced negativity from people about any of your career choices? How did you deal with it?
    1. Not negativity but funny looks when you say you’re a female working in construction, they want to know exactly what you do
    2. My job role is relatively new so it’s quite nice to tell people about it and demonstrate that there are various job roles in construction for men and women
  • Have you ever been challenged as a woman for working in construction? What impact did that have on you?
    1. No not challenged but perhaps spoken to in a way that a man in construction would not be – I didn’t overthink it, some people’s opinions are very traditional
  • If you could speak to your 15-year-old self what would you advise them to do differently?
    1. Listen to your own thoughts and be confident to express them
    2. Worry less
    3. Be what you want to be
  • What is the best thing about the job you do now?
    1. Getting to travel to different sites and working with so many disciplines in the business, it’s very rewarding to be a support
  • What is the hardest thing you do in your current role?
    1. Very fast paced environment, travelling can sometimes run you down
  • Why have they chosen to work for a company like GRAHAM – what do you like about GRAHAM?
    1. GRAHAM is a very driven and innovative company to work for
    2. Its values are something I really relate to
    3. Great opportunities to grow and develop within the business
  • What has been the toughest moment in your whole career to date?
    1. Gaining my degree
  • Who do they admire most? Why?
    1. My manager (Melanie Dawson) – super inspirational both in professional and personal life
    2. My mum – strongest person I know
  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    1. Married with children, and in a job role that I love and I am still passionate about