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M2 junction 5 a look at the year ahead 2024

M2 junction 5 a look at the year ahead 2024 image
M2 junction 5

As we find our ourselves firmly situated in 2024, let’s explore the work that will be completed this year on the scheme – the final year of construction.

In the coming months, work will gather pace to the south of the Stockbury Roundabout, as we start construction on the new carriageways for the A249 southbound and northbound, drainage improvements and connections to the Stockbury flyover.

We will also be finishing the A249 main carriageway to the north of the Stockbury Roundabout, connecting it to the northern side of the Stockbury flyover. When complete, we will move Maidstone-bound traffic onto the new carriageway, away from the slip road that is currently being used.

In early summer, we will be opening the new ‘South Green Link Road’. This road, currently carrying A249 southbound traffic, will connect South Green Lane and Oad Street directly to the Stockbury Roundabout, where traffic can join the A249 and the M2 in all directions.

Later in the year, we will open the much anticipated – Stockbury flyover. The flyover will provide free movement for drivers travelling on the A249, without the need to pass through the Stockbury roundabout, helping to improve journey times and safety.

As construction comes to an end, you will see extensive landscaping and planting of vegetation around the junction. Increasing the natural woodland habitat by over 8.7 hectares (87,000²) by planting a mixture of native trees and shrubs around the site, leaving a lasting legacy.

For more information and project updates visit National Highways dedicated scheme webpage