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M2 Junction 5 Achieves TOP MARKS from CCS

M2 Junction 5 Achieves TOP MARKS from CCS image
M2 junction 5

The GRAHAM team is delighted to have achieved, once again, top marks for its exceptional performance, awarded to the M2 junction 5 improvement scheme. The project which is based in Kent has secured an “outstanding” rating from the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS). This recognition highlights the projects commitment to responsible construction practices, emphasizing our care for the environment, local communities, and workforce.

The CCS operates as an independent body dedicated to enhancing the overall quality and compliance within the construction industry. Aiming to foster a construction environment that is not only efficient and profitable but also prioritises safety, sustainability, and social responsibility. In the latest assessment, the project team underwent their third Considerate Constructors Scheme audit, retaining a perfect score of 45/45!

Praising the teams’ efforts, the CCS auditor said:
“I would like to thank the project team for the continued excellent work they are portraying of the construction industry, and for the excellent engagement they continue to employ to understand the impact the works have on the community”.

Remarkably, the team earned an extra commendation for implementing best practices. With the creation of an innovative interactive map, showcasing numerous community engagement activities aimed at leaving a lasting impact and positive legacy in the area. With this additional mark, the projects overall score reached an impressive 46, marking an exceptional achievement.

Stevie Collins, Project Manager at GRAHAM said:
“Once again, we are grateful to have received full marks from CCS in recognition of what the site team have delivered in terms of commitment to our workforce, the environment, and the local community. To achieve additional recognition for Stakeholder and Community Engagement via collaboration points taking our scoring to the ‘Outstanding’ performance level is testament to the dedication of the staff on M2 Junction 5, leaving a legacy within the local areas we work.”
Daniel Rollinson Project Manager at National Highways commented:
“The complexities of building a project of this size cannot be underestimated, and I am delighted that our efforts to do so with consideration for our workforce, drivers, local community and the environment, continuing to be recognised as industry leader”.

The M2 junction 5 improvements project stands as a shining example of construction excellence and community commitment, setting a high standard for responsible and considerate construction practices.