Two reports launched on Social Value provision

Two reports launched on Social Value provision image

Last week marked the launch of two reports on Social Value provision across construction and infrastructure by The Institute of Economic Development and the Institute of Civil Engineers, in conjunction with sustainability consultants, Useful Projects.

We were one of a broad spectrum of organisations who were consulted as part of the research.

Some of the main findings concluded that Social Value interventions should be:

  • based on local needs
  • targeted at priority groups

Employment and skills provision will always be a key mechanism for implementing Social Value and by focussing them on local needs and targeted groups, it will enable social mobility and ultimately economic benefits to communities.

The reports also acknowledge:

  • the importance of client assistance in providing analysis on local needs as part of the tender information.

With a social impact team spread across the UK and Ireland, we have a good understanding of regional challenges, but this additional insight would undoubtedly add value. The need for clients and contractors to be more ambitious and creative with environmental considerations and the procurement of a local supply chain is crucial to this.

Additionally, the reports call for consistency of definition and measurement methods. This is something we are embracing through engagement with organisations who provide market-leading tools and support.