Volunteers from GRAHAM’s Building North region dedicate Q3 to environmental projects

Volunteers from GRAHAM’s Building North region dedicate Q3 to environmental projects image
GRAHAM volunteers have been dedicating time to environmental opportunities

GRAHAM’s Building North region is committed to encouraging all colleagues to use their two volunteering days annually to participate in opportunities which make a real impact within the communities where we live and work. Throughout Q3 2023, volunteers dedicated more than 100 hours to environmental projects in Scotland.

On 20th July 2023, a team of volunteers participated in a fun day of bracken bashing! The Council reported that this work would have taken a member of their team a full five-day working week to complete the work of our volunteers – at a cost of £924. We were invited back to continue the habitat restoration next year, with our volunteers described as a ‘hard-working team’.

Bracken bashing was a fun - and rewarding - workout!

The following week, members of GRAHAM’s Building North Young Persons Forum and John McGrory, Environmental Manager, joined a clean-up of Craigendoran beach on 25th July 2023 – with 14 bags of litter removed! Plastic Free Helensburgh commented: “Great to chat to these workers and find out just how passionate they are at lowering the carbon footprint for them and their customers.”

Members of our Building North Young Persons Forum committed to moving rubbish from the beach to the bin

Most recently, on 24th August 2023 a team of volunteers undertook a litter pick of the streets of Glasgow surrounding our office. The area really needed it as around 20 bags were filled with rubbish!

Our team cleaned up some of Glasgow's grubby streets

Our environmental mission is “to help protect and improve the environment, conserve resources and tackle climate change for the benefit of current and future generations”. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, which is why our Building North team selected an environmental volunteering focus during the summer months.

We look forward to continuing our volunteering drive in Q4, as colleagues throughout the region dedicate time to another good cause.

Cleaning up Scotland was the aim of Q3's volunteering activities