Civil Engineering

Work progressing on M25 junction 28 scheme

Work progressing on M25 junction 28 scheme image

We are delighted to share that the team are making great progress on the project’s major structures, with all piling works recently completed to mark a major milestone on the scheme.

Alderwood Bridge

133 Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles have been successfully installed and will form the foundations for the new Alderwood Bridge, which is located adjacent to the M25. CFA piling involves drilling and pouring concrete in one continuous action, which enables faster installation time than installing traditional bored piles.

Works are now underway to construct the concrete supports also known as abutments, which 16 precast concrete beams will sit on. The beams will be delivered and craned into place before Christmas, with each beam measuring 23.5 metres in length and weighing approximately 35 tonnes.

Grove Farm Culvert

The new Grove Farm concrete culvert has recently been lifted into place by a crane and earth will be backfilled on either side. When completed the new underpass will allow local landowners to access their land by travelling under the new A12 loop road.

Maylands Bridge

You may have seen the concrete columns starting to rise out of the ground when travelling along the A12. The team have been busy constructing these concrete columns and piers that will support the new Maylands bridge, which will carry the new A12 eastbound off slip to junction 28.

Grove Brook culvert

Works are progressing well to extend the existing Grove culvert with 15 of 26 new precast concrete units craned into place. The extension to the culvert is required to enable the new A12 eastbound off slip to pass over Grove Brook. It also has a secret ‘highway’ for animals – the mammal shelf hidden within the culvert allows allow wildlife, such as water voles and otters, to safely travel under the road without getting their feet wet. You can just see it on the right of the concrete boxes.

Duckwood and Grove bridges

Works on the new Duckwood and Grove bridges continue with works to construct the concrete pile caps, following completion of the CFA piling. A pile cap is a concrete mat that is constructed on top of the piles to provide a stable foundation. 6 steel beams for Grove bridge have recently been delivered and will be stored on site ahead of being craned and installed before the end of the year.

Weald Brook Culvert

The new Weald Brook concrete culvert adjacent to the M25 will be craned into place during November using 150 and 250 tonne cranes. Once installed the culvert will allow the brook to flow through the culvert and enable the team to widen the M25 on slip.

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