Civil Engineering

Engineering that exceeds expectations

Through early involvement with projects, we have shown time and time again that we can reduce costs and improve outcomes. See what makes GRAHAM an award-winning civil engineering partner.

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Channelling expertise in the delivery of world-class outcomes

We are specialists in the innovative resolution of complex civil engineering challenges. Across bridges and highways, rivers and railways, our deep rooted expertise transforms the rural and urban landscapes where we operate. Whether it is easing commuter congestion or powering renewable energy, we consistently strive to make a difference so that our work delivers lasting impact to millions of people throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are proud of our record as a leading civil engineering contractor. A record that is continuously recognised by the industry’s leaders for our creativity, added-value engineering and, most importantly, integrity. Governed by sector experts, our people make us unique and provide the practical intelligence to genuinely make our clients’ lives easier, their projects smoother and implement benefits beyond the brief.