Lough Fea Clear Water Basin South

Ensuring security of water supply to NI Water customers

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Project Overview

Client Northern Ireland Water
Value £4.8m
Expertise Civil Engineering
Sector Water/Wastewater
Timeline September 2018 - May 2020
Location Northern Ireland
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Project Summary

Lough Fea Water Treatment Works supplies water to approximately 24,000 Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) customers, with the Lough Fea Clear Water Basin (CWB) South supplying over 10,000 people in Cookstown and surrounding rural areas. A 2013 report commissioned by NI Water identified the need for increased potable water storage facilities within the Lough Fea Supply Zone to reduce the risk of water shortages under certain network situations.

The Detail

All critical work activities were managed appropriately and communicated to residents prior to commencement of the works, ensuring minimal disruption to neighbouring properties. A one-way system was agreed with DFI Roads to manage and ensure the safety of site vehicles, road users and a sufficient and timely supply of concrete. Filing of the cells was completed at night during commissioning and testing. We also constructed the CWB using an in situ reinforced concrete base and walls, with a precast modular roof overlaid with an in situ concrete screed. The primary factor was to reduce the number of man hours that operatives were working at heights on the roof of the reservoir. Secondary factors included a reduction in the contract programme duration by 12 weeks and a reduction in the amount of temporary works required to construct the roof slab using modular construction techniques.

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