Edinburgh Trams Network, Edinburgh

Ground-breaking tram track transports Edinburgh into the future

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Project Overview

Client BSC on behalf of Transport Initiatives Edinburgh
Project Value £23.3m
Expertise Civil Engineering
Sector Rail
Timeline February 2010 - January 2013
Location Scotland
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Project summary

Identifying over £1 million in savings through innovative design recommendations, while delivering over 457,000 ‘man-hours’, our technical expertise as a key contractor for the Edinburgh Trams Network has provided a new solution to the public transport needs of “this growing city”.

The expansive £23.3 million project, completed within a 35-month timeframe, involved the construction of 1200m of tram track, six structures and two tram stops.

The solution

Despite projected costs for the overall scheme spiralling to over £1 billion, our “flexible and positive” approach was commended by the client in the construction of various structures, and trackwork, starting from Haymarket Station and finishing at Murrayfield Stadium.

The £23.3 million project required the construction of six structures, inclusive of bridges, underpasses and viaducts, two tram stops and 1200m of tram track. Elements of the works, necessitating close liaison with Network Rail, included drainage and reinforced concrete structures and temporary works consisting of sheet piling and soil nailing.

We identified £1 million of savings by advocating a Soil Mix Column Design through a contaminated area as opposed to the relevant stakeholder’s Dig and Replace method.

Innovatively, we also reduced disruptive and local possessions by pushing for Centre Overhead Line Equipment (OHLEs) rather than offset and employed only three rail possessions through effective planning and the implementation of ‘Rules of the Route’.

"During the course of the Project, which has been the subject of many contractual, affordability and scope issues (between the prime contractor and the City of Edinburgh Council), GRAHAM has shown a flexible and positive approach in order to achieve our overall objective of delivering a tram network to the City of Edinburgh"

Spokesperson, Transport Initiatives Edinburgh