Merseyside Police Minor Works Framework

On the Mersey ‘beat’

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Project Overview

Client Merseyside Police
Project Value Undisclosed
Expertise Facilities Management
Sector Bluelight
Timeline April 2018 - March 2022
Location England
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Project summary

To support the continued rationalisation of Merseyside Police’s estate, we were appointed to the Merseyside Police Minor Works Framework (April 2018) to deliver a series of strategic refurbishment and alteration projects. The force, which serves a population of approx. 1.5m people, has a property portfolio of 105 buildings, ranging from police stations, custody suites and training centres to control rooms and magistrate courts.

The programme of works is categorised into small projects, minor projects and main projects. Demonstrating the varied nature of our work, notable examples include a replacement fire alarm scheme across various sites, the major refurbishment of the Copy Lane Custody suite and car park resurfacing at Kirkby Police Station. Underlining the success of the partnership, we were awarded a contract extension in 2020 for an additional 12 months up to April 2022.

The detail

In partnership with Merseyside Police, we are helping to create an estate that is “fit for purpose”, more efficient and located in “the heart of the communities” which it serves. With locally based delivery teams to co-ordinate, supervise and administer works on site, we flexibly adjust our dynamic resourcing models to meet the demands of individual projects according to scale and complexity. The promotion of continuous improvement, innovation and value engineering are central to every project emanating from the framework, with the adoption of a Maximum Price/Target Cost (MPTC) methodology providing cost surety, confidence and motivation to reduce costs. Small projects (£5,000 to £15,000) consist of urgent works to ensure the seamless operation of the force’s activities while minor projects (£15,000 to £50,000) are identified planned works to enhance its operations. Major projects (£50,000 to £750,000) deliver planned larger schemes.

“Our locally based project delivery teams, supported by supply chain partners from the Merseyside region, have continually provided a high quality service to the force, where the promotion of continuous improvement, innovation and value engineering exercises have been notable features of our collaborative approach.”

Martin Gillespie, Operations Director - GRAHAM FM