Integrated Wastewater Framework

Channelling waste through 30km of pivotal pipelines

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Project Overview

Client NI Water
Project Value £120m
Expertise Civil Engineering
Sector Water-Wastewater
Timeline July 2004 - July 2012
Location Northern Ireland
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Project summary

In partnership with NIW (Northern Ireland Water), we successfully delivered over 100 projects, with a construction value of £145 million, as part of a strategic Integrated Wastewater Framework. Beginning in 2004, and extended until 2012 due to the calibre of work provided, we assumed full responsibility for NIW’s critical infrastructure processes and networks in the Eastern Division. Operating on an actual cost, open-book basis, the scheme addressed sewerage issues through improvements, refurbishments and construction programmes.

The detail

With a proven track record of on time, on budget project completion, plus the 100% successful ratification of all planning permissions, we were rewarded with a further three-year contract extension until 2012. Adding value, through open-book management, and gainshare mechanisms, saving over £1.2 million in ‘Package I’ as an example, we defined the overall programme and cost.

We also sequenced each individual project in line with NIW’s priorities, our resourcing capabilities and stakeholder consent.

The Framework incorporated the construction of new build treatment works, upgrades to existing treatment works and pumping stations, and the construction of pipelines and long sea outfalls.

Where larger wastewater schemes involved treatment process plants, we engaged with trusted specialists, exemplified in the creation of a Joint Venture with long-term partner Biwater.

In total, over 30km of pipelines were constructed through the adaptation of a myriad of methods including open cut, directional drill, Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP), micro-tunnelling, pipe jacking and pipe bursting.

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