Scarborough Train Care Facility

Train care facility signals rail travel transformation

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Project Overview

Client TransPennine Express
Project Value £3.9m
Expertise Civil Engineering
Sector Rail
Timeline November 2018 - August 2019
Location England - North
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Project summary

In preparation for the introduction of a brand-new fleet of Nova trains to the network, we were appointed by train operator, TransPennine Express (TPE), to design and construct a new train care facility in Scarborough.

Once phased into service, the longer Class 68 and MK5a trains will provide 700,000 extra seats per year for those travelling by rail to and from the North Yorkshire town. Procured as part of a Design and Build GRIP 4 to GRIP 8 scheme, the new facility will provide refuelling, tanking, CET, interior carriage cleaning and stabling, welfare and storage facilities.

Scheduled for completion in August 2019, the Scarborough Train Care Facility will play an important role in “transforming” rail travel for customers in the region.

The detail

With no existing train care facilities in Scarborough, this £3.9m project will help to significantly enhance the “passenger experience” of TPE’s rail customers across the region.

Following the completion of the new station’s design (GRIP 5) over an 18-week period, we began construction works (GRIP 6 to GRIP 8) on 23 November 2018 with a view to handing over in August 2019. Elements of our programme include the construction of fuelling facilities with bundled 80,000 litre tanks and access/egress for vehicular deliveries. New permanent way works will also be created to tie into the existing permanent way, while a concrete servicing apron, including servicing facilities such as CET, fuelling points, water and power, is a further component of the project.

In addition, the scope of works includes a structural steel canopy, complete with drainage and lighting, security fencing and gates and a new office and welfare facility plus car park. A Network Rail access and storage facility, a sub-station to supply electricity to the depot and a shore supply to recharge trains are also part of the brief.

Once fully operational, approximately 15 new jobs will be created to help manage the facility and service the trains.

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"This major milestone represents an important step towards introducing brand new trains for those travelling to or from Scarborough and is great news for customers in the region."

Chris Nutton, Major Projects Director for TransPennine Express