We have ambition built on deep expertise


Project Overview

We are ambitious to be the best we can be, individually and collectively.

Moving forward, it is our intention to embed relevant aspects of The Construction Playbook into our ways of working so that we can deliver better, faster and greener solutions that are “Right First Time”. To help us, we continue to collaborate with a dynamic innovation network, with partners from statutory bodies, industry, leading digital agencies and academia who all influence and guide our processes and systems, and support our transition towards advanced emerging technologies.

The implementation of our journey towards full digitisation, combined with the increased application of off-site manufacturing techniques, Modern Methods of Construction and Passivhaus principles, allow us to consistently identify and develop sustainable solutions that benefit GRAHAM, the communities where we work, our supply chain and the wider economy.

Four key focus areas

Our approach to Ambition is based on four key focus areas.

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Zero Defects

The removal of error and waste is a business-critical issue for us. We are determined to be differentiated by our approach to quality, and we have developed a structured and practical approach to quality compliance that will support our delivery teams in getting it “Right First Time”.

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We are known for our “digital by default” approach. Led by our Digital Construction experts, we continue to explore opportunities to tap into the benefits of emerging technologies. Collectively, these will enhance every project that we deliver.

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Sustainable Construction Practices

We are leading the way in sustainable development and the implementation of technologies and materials which will ensure future generations are positively impacted by our operations. In parallel with our environmental strategy, we are committed to adopting and embedding sustainable construction practices.

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Removing error, increasing the use of MMC, off-site processes and standardisation, rethinking design, continuous staff development, and the infusion of digital technology and advanced automation are all areas that we are investing in to drive improvements.

Specifically, we have chosen one SDG relating to Ambition with key targets and achievements:

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