Building Fabric and M&E Maintenance

Enhancing the performance and operation of estates


Project Overview

Our tailored Building Fabric and Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Maintenance Services generate positive outcomes for our clients, their end users and the wider communities where we operate.

A combination of planned, reactive and lifecycle maintenance, and the effective processing of real-time data, allows us to make intelligent decisions that support the optimisation of assets.

The expertise which we provide includes:

  • Building Fabric Maintenance

    Prolonging the lifecycle of buildings, safeguarding fabric against deterioration, and delivering statutory compliance promotes a positive working environment that leads to a safe, clean and comfortable experience for end users.

  • Mechanical Maintenance Services

    Our focus is on planned prevention in order to maximise the lifecycle performance of assets, to ensure cost certainty and statutory compliance, and to provide our clients with greater budgetary control.

  • Electrical Maintenance Services

    Forward planning ensures that our clients’ electrical systems function optimally and are uninterrupted, with ongoing availability. Adopting this long-term, planned approach extends the lifespan performance of critical
    assets, delivers cost certainty, and promotes the highest standards of statutory compliance.

Optimising maintenance

We have developed an effective methodology to help optimise the maintenance of our clients’ estates - Business Focused Maintenance (BFM).

Tailored for each contract, BFM is proven to deliver whole life value for money, enhance the reliability of plant and equipment, and improve business continuity.

Collaboration is key to its success. We support our partners in better understanding their estate, and build a maintenance plan designed to meet their individual operational priorities within an agreed cost envelope

How it works

Our commitment is to work collaboratively to establish a benchmark, and to set targeted savings each year.

Mobilisation - by adopting a flexible approach to contract mobilisation, we ensure that our precontract team develops a bespoke solution that works for individual estates.

Setting a benchmark - in Year 1, we work to our clients’ specifications. This determines the benchmark, allowing time for asset verification to be completed and for client priorities to be agreed.

Asset verification - at the core of our business is technical competency. Therefore, our engineers offer a rapid asset verification process using the latest surveying equipment and asset tagging technology.

BFM optimisation - accurate asset information allows us to design a bespoke maintenance programme which focuses spend on critical areas of a client’s estate. This gateway also includes a review of recurring defects.

Agreed targets - from this platform, we put in place our delivery targets, create a Forward Maintenance Register and agree a timeline of key milestones.

Full BFM implementation - in Year 2, BFM is implemented, leading to improved asset reliability and cost effectiveness over the contract life.


The GRAHAM G.R.I.D. (Generation of Real-Time Intelligent Data) System

In partnership, our in house I.T. specialists and operational experts have developed a bespoke CAFM system and platform to enhance the operational efficiency of our clients’ estates.

The unique GRAHAM G.R.I.D. System streamlines client information in a simple, real time format, giving estates managers complete control at the touch of a button, 24/7.


Asset Capture Data-driven solutions

We provide intelligent data that supports our clients to achieve their planned business outcomes. Our strategy is to fully understand the estates and assets under our control. This enables us to devise optimal works programmes for our clients and to build lasting relationships in the process.

Step 1: Mobilisation

Upon contract commencement, our subject matter experts, equipped with industry leading technology, invest significant time and resources to accurately survey and analyse property and assets.

Step 2: Compilation and monitoring

This captured data provides forensic visibility of the entire operational estate, embedding agility into our day to day operations which allows us to implement changes and solutions faster.

Step 3: Achieving defined objectives

Informed by accurate, verifiable data, we advise on risk, benchmark reliability, evaluate alternative options, and propose long-term money saving initiatives that help our clients meet their defined operational, financial and environmental objectives.


Building fabric and M&E

Projects and Minor works

Compliance Services

“The customer service provided by GRAHAM and their understanding of client requirements have always been of a high standard, largely due to the professional and helpful nature of key staff attached to the contract.”

Michelle March - Head of Estate, Durham Constabulary