Barnet Strategic Construction Partnership

The London Borough of Barnet


Project Overview

Client: The London Borough of Barnet

Programme value: £150m

Duration: 2016 - 2021

Status: Live

In October 2016, the London Borough of Barnet appointed us as its single supplier “Partner” on a five-year basis (with a possible two-year extension) for an ambitious £150m portfolio of major capital works. Known as the Barnet Strategic Construction Partnership, our scope of services includes the enhancement of education, community, leisure and operational assets across the borough (the most populated in London) and the delivery of both improvements and new build works.

The partnership’s aim is the construction of a “broader and more varied range of facilities” that will include new schools, leisure centres, council buildings and infrastructure, and community centres to meet the needs of a “growing and increasingly diverse community”.

Demonstrating the breadth of our Barnet portfolio, schemes include Greenspaces Depot Building (£1m), Tarling Road Community Centre (£6m, Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre (23m), New Barnet Leisure Centre (14m), Brent Cross Waste Transfer Station (£25m) and Brent Cross Sidings (£8m).